Riesling X Sylvaner







Mixed rind with light flora. This cheese was marinated in excellent RieslingxSilvaner. Creamy, soft with delicate note of nutmeg.


Bio Taler



As a tasty morsel for between meals or an enhancement to any cheese platter, this little jewel in excellent organic quality always takes centre stage. The little soft cheese in an appetite-whetting size can earn a standing ovation just by sitting demurely in a crusty bun. Taste it soon.




Any cheese would love to take a bath in a fruity Chardonnay, but only the best have the privilege: the Moser Bio Premium Chardonnay. Formed by hand, smeared with a sensitive touch, bathed gently in wine and perfectly ripened: every bite is a delight. No wonder the Moser Bio Premium Chardonnay won the Swiss Cheese Award its first time out upon its launch in 2006.


Bio Rahmchäsli



This oval soft cheese gets richer as it ripens. It melts delightfully with a fine creamy consistency in the mouth with a taste that makes you to keep coming back for more…. Enjoy it with a juicy pear, rye bread and a glass of delicate Pinot Gris for a trip to the peaks of culinary pleasure!


La Fleur


La Fleur has a place both on the dining table and in the kitchen, as the main ingredient of numerous appealing recipes. Once it has reached the right stage of ripeness, you can cut it open and actually watch it melt, or let your tongue have that pleasure all to itself. A delicate tomme to serve for a light supper.


Schweizer Brie


Refined and mild in flavour, our creamy, soft white-rind cheese is quite the rage with the man and woman in the street. A good choice, then, for when you feel like playing it safe – its delicate flavour makes it ideal to start off the day. Naturally, it tastes good alone, for an afternoon snack, or with a glass of red wine.


Scharfer Schweizer


A cheese which fully lives up to its name: the “spicy Swiss”. Enriched with chilli mango sauce, this tasty treat acquires a fragrant-fruity aroma. At first, the Scharfer Schweizer has a subtle, mild flavour belying its name, but it surprises and beguiles with a bolder note of chilli at the finish. A cheese for those who savour life’s spicy side.